“My first few years in Charlottesville I went through a couple of the standard lawn service companies but none of them compared well to my previous experiences before moving here. I talked to the owner of Turf HD to determine whether we had the same philosophies. I sensed that we did so I decided to give him a year. Here we are 3 years later with a lawn that has improved greatly. If I have a question I send an email and they get back to me with an honest and thorough answer. What more could ask from a company? Very satisfied.”

Nicholas V.


“Turf HD did a fantastic job of creating a new lawn for us!. All we had was bare ground in the front yard, and they limed, fertilized, aerated and seeded over a period of 3 months, and now we have the prettiest lawn in Redfields! Highly recommend!!”

Kevin H.


“I cannot say enough about how awesome Turf HD has been! For YEARS I have labored to get grass growing in our muddy, weedy yard. I was doing things all wrong and decided it was time to get help after seeing our friend’s lawn which was treated by Turf HD. We have a large yard and I always thought it would cost too much to get help. Turf HD came out right away and gave us an extremely reasonable estimate. We started mid summer so I didn’t expect many results, but after two treatments our yard started to show major progress and now we have lush, green grass with no weeds and no more mud tracked all through the house by our pets and kids. And after only a few months our erosion issues have been resolved. The communication with their staff has been excellent they always get right back to me when I have questions. I also feel great this is a locally owned business. Their treatments are also safe for pets which is another great perk!”

Laura D.


“Turf HD has been doing an excellent job for the five + years I’ve been using them. Both Lindsay and Richard couldn’t be more professional and kind. I highly recommend Turf HD to those interested in top notch lawn care service.”

Hala P.


Turf HD has done an excellent job since taking over our lawn care at the start of 2020. The lawn is now, in early Fall, much thicker and greener. Bare spots and brown spots have been eliminated along with weeds. Richard has provided very personalized service and works to make sure lawn problems are corrected. Turf HD is a big improvement over previous lawn care services we have had.”

Gary L.

Zion Crossroads

“On walks in the neighborhood when we first moved in we noticed several lawns that looked fantastic. The common thread? Each of these lawns had a Turf HD flag. So it was an easy choice for us and since we’ve been using them our own yard has improved tremendously. Prices are more than reasonable and communication is excellent. Very pleased.

William H.