Watering Guidelines

Irrigate Deeply and Infrequently

Our general rule of thumb is to apply 1″ – 1.25″ of water every week, in 2-3 irrigation events (once every 2-3 days), during the growing season (March – November).  The goal is to moisturize the top 4″-6″ of soil (the root zone) with each watering.    Doing so will help to nurture and sustain a deeper root system, helping your turf to better withstand our frequent summer drought conditions.  Light and frequent irrigation encourages roots to remain near the surface of the soil, which significantly reduces your turf’s ability to cope with heat/drought stress.  A cheap and easy way to measure your irrigation is by placing a tuna can within the watering zone – once it’s filled up, you’ve provided a weeks worth of water.  Don’t forget to subtract what nature provides in the form of rainfall.  The one exception to this rule is when an aeration-overseeding is completed (please see section below).

Irrigate In The Morning, Never At Night

We recommend irrigating in the morning, between 4:00 am – 10:00 am.  Watering after 10:00 am can lead to significant evaporation loss and reduced soil absorption.  Watering in the evening significantly increases disease pressure (higher risk for fungal outbreaks and other issues entering the lawn).

When To Begin And When To Stop Irrigating

This will vary from season to season based on temperatures, but our general recommendation is to begin irrigating in mid-March and stop irrigating by the end of November.

Watering After An Aeration-Overseeding

Your new seed will germinate quicker if watered daily for the first 4 weeks.  During this 4 week period, water enough to moisturize the top 0.25″-0.5″ of soil (typically 15-20 minutes per zone).  After this 4 week period, revert back to your standard irrigation schedule.