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We are a Charlottesville based lawn care company, locally owned and operated since 2014. Our team of highly trained professionals and licensed technicians are here and ready to serve our community. As our current customers already know, you can count on us to bring out your lawn’s full potential!

From lawn care services such as fertilizing, aeration-overseeding and weed control, to eco-friendly insect and disease control, Turf HD puts the green back into your lawn…in more ways than one.

Turf HD Lawn Care

Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Programs

​​Turf HD goes beyond basic fertilizing and weed control. We tailor each of our lawn treatments to your lawn’s specific needs. Our Charlottesville team of Virginia Certified Commercial Applicators stands ready to deliver the best in results and customer service.  We follow a scientific approach, using soil testing to inform our decisions.  Using complete, balanced fertilizers, the highest grade products available, and being as eco-friendly and pet-friendly as possible, we bring out your lawn’s full potential while also taking great care to minimize our environmental impact.  Whether you’re a home owner, estate manager, HOA, or business, our local Charlottesville team is ready to deliver exceptional lawn care service for properties of all need’s and sizes.


Utilizing industry leading, hydraulically powered, core aerators and best-in-class, top-100 NTEP rated, blue-tag certified Tall Fescue tailored for our central VA lawn’s, our results deliver every time.  Aeration is one of the best ways to improve your lawn’s overall health, by reducing soil compaction and increasing oxygen, nutrient and water flow to the root zone of your turf.  Our aeration-overseeding service uses a patented blend of top-tier NTEP rated Tall fescue, selected specifically for the Charlottesville region, rating much higher in color, drought tolerance, pest tolerance and overall heartiness than your typical grass seed.  If you have any thin or bare spots in your lawn, this aeration-overseeding service is what you need to restore turf density.

Liming and pH Correction

Our central Virginia clay soil is highly susceptible to acidification, which leads to a lawn’s inability to effectively use the nutrients it needs to thrive. We offer a variety of options to remediate pH imbalances including dolomitic lime, high-cal lime and more.  Our lawn care programs include up to 25 lbs / 1,000 square feet at no additional cost.  Our soil sampling will determine your exact starting pH, allowing us to tailor the exact amount your lawn will need. 


Lawn Insect and Disease Control

Insects and fungus are always looking for opportunities to invade your lawn.  We offer a comprehensive selection of preventative and curative grub control, fungal control and insect control products available to suit any need.  Our seasoned crew of Virginia Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicators monitor for these threats to your turf continuously throughout the season, ready for any situation.

Professional Soil Testing

​​There is no better way to start a lawn care program than by soil testing. Learning where your lawn’s pH and nutrient values are forms the baseline for which to formulate the right program, and helps us to fine tune the levels of fertilizer, lime and other nutrients applied with our lawn treatments to bring out your lawn’s full potential. With a speedy 2 week maximum turn-around, we can figure out exactly what your lawn needs and be ready to deliver a healthy, green, weed-free lawn in no time at all.

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A brag-worthy lawn starts at the root, and that means one-size-fits-all solutions just won’t do. Turf HD will evaluate your unique yard profile and develop a plan that is custom tailored to your needs, and your budget. Our lawn treatment’s deliver the premium nutrients that your soil and grass need to stay healthy, green and help defend it against weeds and other pests. The results will leave you and your guests amazed at how good your lawn looks and feels. Contact us today and experience the high definition difference!

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