core aeration

We use industry leading, hydraulically powered, core aerators.  These machines pull cores from your lawn, up to 4″ deep, that help to reduce soil compaction and improve water/air/nutrient flow to the root zone.  This dramatically improves overall performance and health of your turf.  Most of our lawn care program customers use this service on an annual to bi-annual basis.

Max rate Application of aquamaxx tall fescue

*Less Water. Less Inputs. More Sustainable

A scientifically blended turf type tall fescue mixture powered by groSMART technology. Each A-List seed is pretreated with a patented blend of surfactants, proteins, natural growth promoting agents, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, humic acids and a full micronutrient package.

*AquaMaxx Tall Fescue. (2016).

completed in the fall

In central Virginia, the best time to complete an aeration-overseed is September-October.  This timeframe provides the best weather conditions required for optimal germination and development for your new grass.  Our goal is to provide the necessary lawn treatments required to bring your soil pH and nutrient profile up to optimum levels in time for the Fall Aeration-Overseeding.