Liming and pH Correction


Our central Virginia soil typically contains a high clay content and is often too acidic for lawn’s to do well.  Low soil pH can prevent your lawn from absorbing the nutrients it needs to thrive and can encourage acid loving weeds and moss to take over your lawn.   We often find new clients with pH levels in 4.5 – 5.5 range, while our goal is to increase pH to 6.5.  We use dolomitic and high-calcium limes to increase your pH back to the optimal level for your lawn.

ph correction

Because lawn’s in our region tend to be very acidic, we will closely examine your lawn for signs of acidity and may complete a professional soil test.  Signs of acidity include moss overgrowth, lack of turf vigor and abundance of acid-loving weeds.

It’s rare for our region, but the pH level can be too basic and we have options to correct this condition as well.